Who we are

We are a diversified communications firm specializing on social research and digital media. We utilize proprietary IT tools and psychosocial models to extract information from content semantic analysis from the web. We use this information and insight-surfacing to design and implement strategies, as well as innovative and effective content for corporate and institutional communications. Our key advantage centers on the use of data mining and psychosocial models as cornerstone for disruptive communications, advertising, marketing and public relations.

What We Do?

Social Media Hub

Social Media Hub

Social Data Analytics

Through the use of advanced Social Media Listening, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis of content and users, we design strategies, audience and influencer profiling, audience insights and predictive models based on behaviors and social archetypes.

Content Management

We manage media-agnostic initiatives, campaigns and specific actions based on “data-driven content” linked to specific audiences’ profiles. We administer content in an effective manner for disruptive communications processes such as adjectivization, amplification, resonance, shielding and erosive efforts.

Crisis Management

With over 25 years of experience in issues and crisis management, we have also now specialized in the prevention and management of social media crises.

  • Troll Prevention
  • Identification and management of organized social media attacks
  • Identification of nodes and detractor/actively adverse and latent communities
  • Digital shielding

Digital Public Affairs

We mastermind content and community (e-militancy) management to support projects related to public policy, community issues, environment and electoral constituencies among others.

Social Trend Tracking

Monitoring subjects and public interest matters relating to politics, economics that might directly or indirectly affect an industry or a brand.

Reputation Management

We excel at diagnosing, auditing and operating strategies and adjectivization efforts, resonance, and amplification actions in diverse traditional and digital communication environments to support reputation and image-related assets for brands, individuals, institutions and product categories.

Digital PR

Digital PR

We operate by converging public relations and traditional reputation management with digital communications in social and digital media.

How do we do it?

We work with proprietary IT tools for social listening and classification as well as our own models and methodologies


Our listening and social analysis platform lets us monitor what is said on social media not just about a brand or a specific subject, but also about its perimeter (communication ecosystem). The objective is to identify in the digital conversation: direct references, related topics, agents or influencers that may present risks and opportunities, or relevant information about the brand or the institution.

We work with proprietary IT tools for social listening and classification as well as our own models and methodologies



Theoretical, conceptual and statistical model that evaluates, analyzes, correlates, and groups in a qualitative and quantitative manner the audiences and thematic axis, direction, slant, spin and logic of the conversation.


Theoretical, conceptual and statistical model that; evaluates, analyzes and correlates in both a quantitative and qualitative manner the personality profiles, archetypes of opinion leaders, influencers and brands.


Theoretical, conceptual and statistical model that; evaluates, analyzes, and correlates in a quantitative and qualitative an audience’s variables, communications and semiotics to create ideal strategies for management of a social media collective.

Our Team

At StreamicsLab we have three major departments that routinely work together to deliver measurable and effective results to our clients:


We know that in a world of many possibilities like today, having allies is essential for any kind of business. At StreamicsLab we work with
commercial partners and alliances that help us gain more visibility, reach and impact in all we do:

Our work outreaches

Our work is centered on those great ideas that have real life impact all over the world.

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